Nosce te ipsum (Know thyself)

I dreamed about writing about things that interest me when I was but a boy. No older than 7, I was already obsessed with many things. I wanted to know how the human body worked, what made it grow and what killed it. I tried to understand the theories behind systems such as internal combustion engines and the physics of flight and jet propulsion. I wanted to figure out what dynamite was made of, where asteroids came from, and how grasshoppers could leap much further than I could, though my legs were bigger. I searched for reasons why there were so many religions and sects, and pondered the facts and myths behind each one’s claim that their resident deity or pantheon was, or were, supreme, if indeed such beings existed.

Even about a decade later, while I endured the demands of a terrible education system, resisted the deadly appeal of social media, and the advent of puberty, along with its significant and consistent barrage of hormones, my thirst for knowledge was still overpowering. Today, in spite of many failures, disappointments, and second chances, I am still as bent as ever to learn as much as I can. And, in my experience, few things are more satisfying than sharing what I know with people who need to know…who yearn to understand.

However, being familiar with the status quo of this century, which is, I dare say, that most people prefer to use the Internet for social connections rather than access to pertinent information, much less the ramblings of some anonymous devil in his 20’s. I understand quite well that any content one produces and makes available online for the consumption of the entire world is bound to be accepted by some and rejected by others. Especially, writings on controversial topics have the potential to incite extreme reactions from individuals and groups. I try to avoid such matters if I can help it. Nevertheless, truth will always find a way to be known, even on a young man’s humble new blog.

Therefore, I hope to do well by keeping in mind my original motivations for writing anything at all. This blog is, firstly, for my benefit. When I take notes while studying, or when write down my thoughts, I understand them better, remember them better, and can explain them better. It seems like a cliche these days; however, with practice I have discovered for myself the advantages of taking notes. Writing down freshly acquired knowledge or ideas enforces your ownership of said knowledge or ideas — it means you intend to recollect them, to act on them, and to use them.

This is not to say that what I write here won’t be useful to anyone else other than myself. This is the World Wide Web, after all, and there is too much garbage on the Internet. Well-meaning people face regular onslaught of misinformation, false news, click-bait, advertisement, and pornography, to mention a few.  Honestly, it would be quite unethical on my part to add any more filth to that steaming pile.

I feel that I should mention few things here about the kind of topics I intend to write about. Firstly, I am a sucker for science. Science is the first place I look for an answer to a question, an explanation to an anomaly, a meaning for an observation, a solution to a problem… I like to think I can rely on science because of its direct, objective, experimental, goal-driven approach to the universe. Nevertheless, I do not attempt to reinvent the wheel or concern myself with questions which smarter and more resourceful scientists and researchers have already figured out. Finding out what works, why it works, and using it to improve myself is my philosophy, and that is how I approach the concepts, suggestions, and advice I give on my essays.

Coming a close second to my preference for science is history. The appeal of history is that it cannot be changed. History affords us the benefit of hindsight of a great many people from all walks of life, without actually making the same errors or going through the same ordeals they did. Learning a bit of history is a great endeavour that is neither boring nor futile, except perhaps for those who have no interest in learning from the past.

During the time I was frantically searching the Internet for answers (where else can one possibly look these days?) to how an ageing teenager could be happy, be successful, and get the girls I liked to like me back, for the briefest of moments, I felt, deep in my gut, that the answers I seek could very well lie in psychology. An IT guy dabbling in psychology – that wasn’t a particularly feasible proposition to me at the time. But my need for clarity was great, and due to my primal cravings for knowledge in uncharted territories, I came around. You will find many of my post pregnant with my very own take on psychological principles, some that are centuries old.

It is quite natural for any young man to be interested in the social and cultural dynamics of this century, particularly regarding inter-sexual interactions. Biology, chemistry, and psychology do explain underlying physiological and psychological aspects of the social, mating, and bonding behaviour of humans. Recently, these behaviours have taken on another nuance, no doubt the result of the advents of post-modernism, feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, among others. It is quite interesting that these developments have caused much change in the last 50 years, particularly on the ethnic, gender, and political fronts. While I could not care less about people’s racial differences, and have yet to delve deeply into the political, the ongoing dispute between genders is far more fascinating. It is a brutal war, frustrating for many men and women. If you’re like me, the dispute is not as terribly important as the need to adapt to this status quo in order to fulful aspirations of material and mating success.

Some four years ago, I stumbled upon somethings called PUA, Game, The Red Pill, MGTOW. And for all these years, I have consumed hundreds of material in blogs, articles, e-books, audio books, videos, and live programs and interviews that talk about these communities. The Manosphere, some called it. Those years have been quite… educational. I do not like the sound of Red Pill, MGTOW, or Manosphere for that matter. But I will have to use them anyway. Although some of the concepts conflict and confuse, some require neck-breaking mental gymnsatics to adhere to, and almost all require major psychological modifications, even a complete alteration of one’s view of the world, to truly internalise. Yet I have yet to find a man who has been disappointed after learning game, as they put it. In fact, much of what The Red Pill is, is improving one’s life physically, financially, and socially. If I learned anything from the Manosphere, it is that I am certainly not a feminist. Why on earth would I want to be a feminist? I’m just a young man who searched for answers and got them. But I’ve only alive for two decades, so what the hell do I know.

Did I mention that I was an IT guy? Perhaps I do in fact have a life. Information technology was a field I became interested in just five years ago when I started University and got my first computer. Four years and a Computer Engineering degree later, I can say I’m not completely clueless.

I aspire to write my posts without errors and ambiguities. When I write about any experience of mine, it will be true to account as best as I remember it, and detailed as the point I’m trying to make requires. Any facts presented will be thoroughly researched and verified, and opinions will be candid and dispassionate as much as possible. Although, I do not think it would be outlandish if I decide to cling to, and defend, certain beliefs and viewpoints with much fervour.

Writing a blog is merely another avenue I have decided to exploit in my quest for knowledge and worldly wisdom. Thus, I will write when I am confident to defend what I write, not when I feel like it. I want to be able to come back to my own work and learn again, not feel ashamed for creating superfluous and inaccurate nonsense. So I can assure you that when you read my posts, you will gain value for your time reading them as much as I had in writing them.